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Objectives and goals

Objectives, goals and actvities

Objectives: To partner with the wildlife authority, Kenya Wildlife Services, to enhance wildlife conservation in Kora National Park.  

Goals: To work in collaboration with and provide assistance to the Kenya Wildlife Services, in a restoration and rehabilitation programme focusing on the rebuilding of a safe and sustainable ecosystem and the protection of the habitat and wildlife of Kora National Park, Kenya, and to support the communities in the surrounding area.

With our partners to support and fund educational outreach projects in the schools and colleges surrounding Kora, including the provision and maintenance of equipment and the  provision of activities on the importance of wildlife and conservation.

Activities: The framework management plan drawn up by the Trust can be summarised as follows:-

Roads and Infrastructure

  • Roads and tracks: clearing and upgrading of old road networks and construction of new road networks, including the purchase of a bulldozer and compactor/roller to upgrade the river road and inland tracks for accessibility to all areas of the Park. Roads are of course the first priority. George’s brother, Terence Adamson, pioneered many of the road networks and alignments years ago based on the many elephant trails and we have GPS’d these roads and tracks and produced a detailed map. We are bringing in heavy plant machinery and will bring in a road construction team to develop this. Better re-supply routes need to be worked out and access roads improved for the long supply runs for the team and for provision of fuel on site, as well as for the base-camp.
  • River crossing: construction of an all-weather crossing
  • Mobile Camp: establishment of a mobile camp for road clearing/construction team
  • Establishment of water, fuel and rations supply systems
  • Equipment: The small amount of equipment we retained from Tanzania has been imported into Kenya and this was a very lengthy process. The equipment is to be transported to Kora where it will add much needed boost to the initial push to get going with the necessary field work. We are planning on buying heavy plant machinery for the road and track upgrades. The two aircraft have been registered in Kenya and have undergone extensive maintenance.
  • Base-camp Buildings: construction of base-camp buildings, staff accommodation, and workshop. We have established a small workshop in the base camp, putting in shelving and a work bench, and have serviced the old vehicle and MF tractor that works with a water bowser and pump to bring the water for base camp supply and to supply the KWS ranger outpost. We do need to build a proper workshop and employ a full time mechanic/driver. We are hoping to work out of the old base-camp initially but need to build more base-camp buildings. We have now refurbished the camp and replaced the camp peripheral fence. Piping and electrical wires have been repaired. Solar capacity has been increased and more lighting put in. The water systems have been repaired and upgraded.
  • Employment of a driver and training up of mechanics
  • Construction of aircraft hangar: the existing aircraft hangar on the airstrip needs to be re-roofed and extended and a new aircraft hangar constructed. 
  • Survey of a planned sanctuary area for endangered species programmes as per discussions with KWS. We have worked closely with Dr Ian Games to produce the framework management plan and list of priorities. We commissioned an EIA report through KWS for fencing projects. NEMA approval was sought and obtained. We have consulted with colleagues on fencing and security matters.
  • Radio Network: installation of radio repeater network with internal LORA system. The radio communication system had broken down and we are working on replacing the system and upgrading the repeater. We are working with the engineers on the planning and installation of a sensor network system. This was pioneered in the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary and can play an important role in the Kora project to help both the general management of operating and maintaining infrastructure, plant machinery, vehicles, gates etc., as well as the endangered species programmes. 
  • Airstrips
    • Rehabilitation of existing and construction of new airstrips
    • Construction of new airstrips at key points strategically placed in this very difficult terrain, which serves as the drainage system for Ukambani into the Tana River.
    • Existing airstrip upgrades


  • Upgrading of schools working together with Trusts for African Schools, our partner in community conservation
  • Installing water points
  • Community integration into Joint Management Committee. We have had discussions with the local villages and with TAS and education initiatives continue. The Trust has recently assisted TAS with a fencing project for two secondary schools through the provision of school gates. TAS is currently supporting projects in seven schools around Kora National Park always in the company of Stephen Kameti whose role is to integrate TAS into the social and corporate responsibility of KWS. Meetings have been held with county governors for three counties surrounding Kora and with local MPs and village elders. Meetings, mainly for awareness and requests for support, will take place with the Members of Parliament, County Governors, Senators and Members of the County Assemblies. Northern Rangelands Trust have offered to come in with their highly successful model of community integration involving both development and education and this will take us a much needed stage further in this field.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

  • MoU to be signed between Trust and KWS. Discussions with the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife and with KWS. Meetings have been held with KWS over many years on the Kora initiative and the long term restitution and restoration of the park. The MoU has been drafted in close negotiation with KWS and we will bo honoured to align ourselves with their general plans for the area.