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New rhino calf (one day old)  [more]

New orphaned elephant calf This calf was left behind when an elephant herd was chased off some crops. The message from camp is: [more]

Eliska has arrived safely Letter from Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express [more]

Letter to DHL employees re rhino (Eliska) translocation One of the things of which I am most proud is the support DHL has given to supporting animal conservation. [more]


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12 Feb 2009 - Elephants
11 Feb 2009 - Fitz in Kora
11 Feb 2009 - Elisaria


Elephants on the firebreak at the back of camp, including Nina's 5 year old bull calf.  We can always tell when he is around before we actually see him because he makes such a racket.  He has integrated into a small group of adult bulls and looks in excellent health.

Another group of elephants are in the front of camp, preventing anyone from reaching the airstrip on foot!