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New rhino calf (one day old)  [more]

New orphaned elephant calf This calf was left behind when an elephant herd was chased off some crops. The message from camp is: [more]

Eliska has arrived safely Letter from Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express [more]

Letter to DHL employees re rhino (Eliska) translocation One of the things of which I am most proud is the support DHL has given to supporting animal conservation. [more]


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Wild dog

Three of our alpha female wild dogs are pregnant again and we expect the birth of these litters of pups in March …link

Visitors from Dvur Kralove Zoo

It was great to welcome Dr Dana Holeckova and her colleagues from the Dvur Kralove Zoo in the Czech Republic who donated the three black rhino to the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary in 2009.  They were able to see all of their donated rhino and the new rhino calf born to Deborah in October 2011.  These rhino were translocated to Mkomazi with the tremendous help of Suzuki Rhino Club …link

Environmental education programme

After the onset of an extended rainy season, the Rafiki wa Faru programme continued its trips with the school children from the secondary schools on the boundary of Mkomazi National Park.   As secondary education in Tanzania becomes more and more widely available, the class sizes in the secondary schools are increasing dramatically.  We are in discussion with the school headmasters to see if we should run a competition within the classes to gain a place on the Rafiki wa Faru visit …link

Wild dogs

The two new litters of wild dog pups are doing well to date.  We will undertake further reintroductions towards the end of the year when the yearling litters have helped their mothers raise the subsequent litters of pups.  We were visited recently by TAWIRI (Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute) and discussed reintroductions and breeding at length.  We have advised them on our methods and thoughts for reintroductions into other areas …read more

Mkomazi rhino sanctuary

We have taken delivery of more fence posts so that our dedicated teams can continue with the replacement and repair of the rhino sanctuary fence line. This is a continuous task with 10,000 fence posts needing replacement.  Semu Pallangyo oversees the fence teams.  A new road network is being developed and a further water source is being put in place in an area where the females give birth to their calves.  Three new security outposts are in place.  TANAPA are undertaking external ranger patrols …link

Mkomazi National Park

TANAPA are doing a great job with the management and development of Mkomazi National Park.  New water sources are being worked on and a survey team has come up from Dar es Salaam to look at the potential for a dam in one area near the Superbowl where there is a flood plain.  Ranger patrols continue and joint patrols have also been undertaken with TANAPA, KWS and GAWPT personnel …link

Kora National Park update - May

This can be seen here …link