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Report 2007

Kora National Park and Asako Village, Kenya

The Trust in Kenya remains committed to Kora NP and Asako. Mark Jenkins, the Senior KWS Warden for Meru and Kora NPs oversees any assistance that we are able to give. With funds from the Prince Bernhard Fund for Nature, we were able to purchase a 16 foot windmill pump on a 30 foot tower for Asako village to help with their irrigation, agriculture and clean water systems and for the creation of inland plantations close to the river. It will also help with small scale irrigation in times of drought.

Tony visited Mark Jenkins on a number of occasions, and also flew into Asako with Mike Harries, the windmill pump contractor. There they met with KWS personnel and several senior members of the community. The decision was taken for the community to dig 5 test holes in the area to see the availability, quantity and quality of water there.

Tony also visited the new Director of Kenya Wildlife Services, Julius Kipng'etich, to request KWS's assistance to bring the windmill pump and tower to Asako. We have also asked AMREF to provide funds for digging and lining the well. Mike Harries is currently repairing the old hand pump provided by the Trust and AMREF in 2001.