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New rhino calf (one day old)  [more]

New orphaned elephant calf This calf was left behind when an elephant herd was chased off some crops. The message from camp is: [more]

Eliska has arrived safely Letter from Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express [more]

Letter to DHL employees re rhino (Eliska) translocation One of the things of which I am most proud is the support DHL has given to supporting animal conservation. [more]

How to donate

1) Become a Friend of The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust

Much of the core funding of the trust comes from the Friends of GAWPT - a dedicated group of individuals founded in 1989. There is an annual Friends dinner held in London and Friends are invited to other occasional events such as Tony Fitzjohn's recent lectures at the Royal Geographical Society, charity sports events and art gallery previews. Friends receive regular reports and newsletters

To become a Friend, the subscription is £50 a month. Please print this form (see note below) and send it to:

George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust
16a Park View Road
London N3 2JB
United Kingdom

Note: the form has a "Gift Aid" section. A donor must be a UK tax payer and pay tax equal to, or more than, the tax deducted from the donation. He/she can cancel this agreement at any time by writing to GAWPT. If you pay tax at a higher rate, you can claim further tax relief in you Self Assessment tax return. If you are unsure whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid relief, please contact GAWPT or obtain leaflet IR113 from your local tax office. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our office.

2) Make a donation

Single donations can be made online via JustGiving, or by cheque to the address shown on our contact page

Donate with JustGiving and PayPal

Note about volunteering

Many people are kind enough to offer their services, in a voluntary capacity, for either the Tanzanian or Kenyan projects. Our agreement with the Tanzanian and Kenya governments means that we can only employ nationals of those countries so, sadly, it is not possible to accommodate volunteers

For those who wish to help in their home countries, volunteering also presents difficulties. The way we are structured does not really call for volunteers.  Our fundraising is carried out within a tight network of trusts and individuals rather than a wide range of activities. We are happy to keep your details on file in case circumstances change