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People We were honoured that the Prime Minister of Tanzania, Hon. Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda and his wife Tunu, were able to take the time to travel to Gonja to lay the foundation stone of the Gonja Mheza Vocational Training Centre (VTC).  Also there were Ted van Dam and Dik Dekker of the Suzuki Rhino Club; Anne Kilango Malecela, the MP for Same; the District Commissioner, Herman Kapufi and many other regional, district and town officials. [more]

Rhino and Mr BRRRR The two rhino calves are doing extremely well and we are hopeful that there will be two more births over the next few months. One of our senior rhino trackers has been working with Dr Peter Morkel and Dr Idrissa Chuma in the Serengeti National Park on rhino conservation.  Pete was then able to travel to Mkomazi with TANAPA. [more]

Infrastructure We are continuing to work with TANAPA on the road maintenance in the park.  The rains are now taking hold so the work that has been done on the main access roads by the Trust’s plant machinery has been timely.  We are also working with TANAPA on a big project to develop another large water source in Mkomazi National Park for the elephant herds and other wildlife (oryx, buffalo, zebra, giraffe etc).  Elephant numbers continue to be much lower than in previous years, which can only be due to the massive poaching on the Kenya side of the border. [more]

25th anniversary held at the Royal Georgraphical Society On September 25th the trust celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Mkomazi Project with a reception at the Royal Geographical Society in the presence of our patron HRH Princess Michael of Kent and HRH Prince Michael. Some 150 supporters and funders enjoyed the premier of a new film, produced by Jake Thomson, Astrid Harbord and Henry Morley, on Tony Fitzjohn’s life in Africa. That was followed by a stirring speech by Elisaria Nnko, the project’s Operations Manager and the longest serving employee at Mkomazi. Many of those present had met Elisaria in Tanzania over the years so it was a real treat to have him in London and witness the pride he takes in the project. [more]



BobMarshall-Andrews QC - chairman
A practising member of the Bar. Appointed a Recorder of the Midland & Oxford Circuit in 1982 and the Queen's Counsel in 1987. Has been involved in, and supported a number of, conservationist and environmental projects and assisted in the foundation of the Kora Wildlife Preservation Trust. His book "The Palace of Wisdom" published by Hamish Hamilton in 1988.

Paul Chauveau

Brian Jackman
Author and freelance journalist with a life-long passion for the African bush. Over the past 30 years he has travelled widely throughout Africa, writing travel features and wildlife conservation stories for The Sunday Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, BBC Wildlife Magazine and others. During that time he twice visited George Adamson at Kora, and it was then that he also met Tony Fitzjohn for the first time, forging a friendship which has remained to this day. Books on Africa include The Marsh Lions and The Big Cat Diary (with Jonathan Scott), and Roaring at the Dawn. He also edited Battle for the Elephants, by Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton, and My Serengeti Years, by Myles Turner.

Major Bruce Kinloch MC
Held commission in the Third Ghurka Rifles and awarded MC during Burma Campaign in 1942. District Commissioner in Kenya, Chief Game Warden of Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi, founder trustee of Uganda National Parks, executive trustee of Tanzania National Parks, founder of the College of African Wildlife Management, United Nations Fellow of Wildlife Management, Wildlife Management adviser to the governments of Botswana and Ruanda, founder trustee of the Kora Wildlife Preservation Trust. Books "Sauce for the Mongoose" and "The Shamba Raiders" published by William Collins & Sons and the latter published by Ashford Press

Anthony Marrian
Born Nyeri, Kenya 1949. Educated Pembroke House and Shrewsbury. Has pursued a business career in electronics, plastics, food, construction and computers. Founder member of the Kora Wildlife Preservation Trust.

Andrew Mortimer - treasurer
Born in 1943, his core career was in international banking and finance.  Subsequent roles took him into the management of several diverse companies. His other interests include sports administration particularly rugby union. Now retired, he has been a trustee and treasurer of GAWPT since 1989

Tim Peet
Retired surgeon. E African connection mainly Uganda. Visited Mkomazi project in 1996 and was impressed! Has a diploma in Conservation Management. Involved with Norfolk Wildlife Trust (Council Member) and Guernsey Trust, La Societe Guernesiaise. Trustee of the Sarnia Charitable Trust devoting funds to wildlife charities

John Rendall
Along with fellow Australian Anthony Bourke, took a lion (Christian) to George Adamson for rehabilitation in the Kora National Park in 1970. Christian's successful rehabilitation was the subject of a book "Lion Called Christian" published by William Collins & Sons and subsequently filmed for television documentaries. Active fundraiser.

Alan Toulson
Educated at Mill Hill School and Kings College London. Retired solicitor and former senior partner of Reynolds Porter Chamberlain and legal adviser to a wide range of businesses and charitable organisations. Legal adviser to a wide range of businesses and charitable organisations.

Peter Wakeham
Educated at Mill Hill School and Ealing School of Business. Held variety of senior positions in multi-national organisations including Unilever, Mars, PepsiCo and McKinsey. Co-founder of PrecisionIR Inc. (formerly WILink), leading internet centric communications firm, specialising in investor relations. Chairman Mill Hill School Foundation Appeal Board and active angel investor living in Lugano, Switzerland.