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05 Jul 2016 - Eliska has arrived safely

Eliska has arrived safely

Letter from Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express

Our young, black African rhino, Eliska (or Eli), is safely settled into her new home in Tanzania, the fourth rhino we’ve transported to the National Park following Monduli, Grumeti and Zawadi. Who, by the way, have already given birth to baby rhino calves, helping to improve the number of these incredible, yet endangered creatures…

When HRH Prince Harry called to ask for our help, I knew that, as with all endangered species translocations, this one would be challenging. It was. We had to cope with a torrential thunderstorm and the task of keeping a rhino relaxed for much longer than expected.

As usual, despite whatever the elements could throw at us, we did it. This ‘high value shipment’ went without a hitch. I’d just like to share with you a few words from Tony Fitzjohn OBE, Field Director of the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust:

“With all the demands and restrictions of the modern world, that so many of you put so much time, effort and heartfelt energy into making the translocation of “Eliska” from the Czech Republic to Tanzania the huge success that it was yesterday, has truly stopped me in my tracks.

...the pilots, the drivers, the escorts, mechanics, rhino sanctuary staff and so many others that remain in the background just doing their unnoticed normal duties resulted in one of the smoothest moves we have ever done.

I know, all too well, how things can go badly wrong if just one cog in a machine doesn’t mesh. Yesterday’s operation was immaculate.”

It really was an epic journey, but all in a day’s work for our International Specialists. The final video showing the entire trip is now ready to watch.

Thank you to everyone who made Eliska’s homecoming such a success.

Ken Allen
DHL Express