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New rhino calf (one day old)  [more]

New orphaned elephant calf This calf was left behind when an elephant herd was chased off some crops. The message from camp is: [more]

Eliska has arrived safely Letter from Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express [more]

Letter to DHL employees re rhino (Eliska) translocation One of the things of which I am most proud is the support DHL has given to supporting animal conservation. [more]


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Wild dog

We now have 56 wild dogs in the breeding programme. …link

Port Lympne rhino

The three English rhinos translocated from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park are adjusting well with a voracious appetite for the Mkomazi browse. Two of our Mkomazi rhino trackers have been called over to the Serengeti National Park to work with Dr Peter Morkel and Dr Idrissa Chuma on the fitting of horn transmitters on the Serengeti rhino. The other Mkomazi rhino are all fine although we are constantly upgrading security. …link

Saturday Telegraph Magazine article

Here is the link to the article on the Mkomazi rhino project published in the Saturday Telegraph magazine 8th September 2012 …link


Building work continues at Gonja Secondary School on the science labs that GAWPT is supporting.  One classroom has recently had a ring beam fitted and now the roof will be constructed. …read more

Wild dog

A pack of wild dogs has recently passed through the camp.  Four young males have broken off from this pack and have remained at the breeding compounds, sometimes moving off for days at a time, but returning to rest up before they move on again. …link


We have a new rhino calf.  Charlie, translocated with the first group of rhino that came to Mkomazi in 1997, has given birth to a bull calf.  The trackers are keeping a very close eye on them both during these early weeks and months as we have lost a calf to natural predation in the past and are doing all we can to prevent this happening again. …read more

Mugi at Kora

Mugi, the lion cub, is doing well in Kora National Park under the care of Jamie Manuel.  Kenya Wildlife Services have been working in close cooperation on this programme …link


The baby elephant is trucking around with his keepers.  We have now added oats to his milk feed and so far this has gone well.  We have to be extremely cautious on adding anything new into the feed because of the sensitivity of elephants' stomachs …link