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New photos of rhino calves and Mr BRRRR Three new photos: [more]

Rhino sanctuary Fence repair and replacement is done on a continual basis.  Road works, drainage ditches, maintenance of existing roads are also carried out on a continual basis by the JCB, Fastrac and Cat grader. We were able to raise funds for a new digital radio system, which is a great addition to security.  The engineers are here now installing it. [more]

African wild dogs We have the full infrastructure in place to manage, breed, vaccinate and reintroduce the wild dogs, but the feed regime is such a rigorous task as there can be no failure in the daily meat supply.  These dogs can never have enough meat and it really does add to their overall health. [more]

Mr BRRRRR Our orphaned elephant does well. He is now two years old!  It has certainly been an intensive period.  He will continue to be milk dependant for another year or so, and then we will slowly wean him over the following year or two.  We have moved him over to the old elephant compound that was originally constructed to house the 27 year old zoo-raised elephant (Nina) that we took from a zoo and reintroduced back into the wild. [more]


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Wild dogs

Wild dogs are all in good shape.  An alpha female has recently given birth to pups although we will not see them emerge from the den until they are about a month old …link

Czech rhinos

…read more

Baby elephant latest

Our new baby elephant continues to do well. His keepers, Ombeni and Thomas, call him Mr BRRRRR because of the noise he makes when he meets them. The best case scenario would be for him to go the Sheldricks in Kenya as rearing baby elephants, which need milk (preferably their mother's) for the first two years of life, is extremely difficult. There is a meeting with TANAPA next week to see if we can obtain the necessary permits to get him there. …link

Baby elephant update

We think he must be about three weeks old. He has no teeth and his tusks haven't started to come through.  His blanket is his thing, as it is like being under his mother's legs. We simply don't know what happened to his mother. There are no elephant carcasses anywhere around, so we are at a loss to understand why he was abandoned, or lost. He is now rehydrated, much calmer and friendly. There are lots of guys in camp who are great with him. He is in a little daily routine, which apparently is what they really need. The Sheldrick Trust in Kenya have been giving us advice as this is what they do all the time. The baby milk formula (SMA Gold) is very expensive. It's the only brand that works on baby elephants and he gets through masses every day. Some pictures have been put in the gallery section …link

Infrastructure and education

A group of school children from Gonja Secondary School came in on Saturday as part of the Rafiki wa Faru environmental education programme. …read more

Wild dog

We released five wild dogs yesterday on the Mkomazi / Tsavo border.  They took off and, from a flying recce yesterday evening and this morning, we see that they have travelled into the Superbowl and are resting up there …link

Rhino sanctuary

Meanwhile, work continues in the Rhino Sanctuary.  New water pans have been constructed in preparation for the new incoming rhinos from Port Lympne in the UK.  New internal fences are being put up to help create paddocks for these Port Lympne rhinos.  New internal steel gates have been manufactured in Arusha and are now being installed. …link

Orphaned, baby elephant

On Friday in the late afternoon, our night guard (Ephraim) was woken up by a banging on the door and a screeching.  The door then was pushed open and in walked a tiny baby elephant, only a couple of weeks old, dehydrated, thin and very distressed.  We managed to get him up to our camp and into a stable.  With advice from Richard Moller and Vanessa, we rehydrated him for about 48 hours until we were able to get the SMA Gold milk powder which is the best formula milk for orphaned baby elephants.  We do not know what happened to his mother.  A few days earlier, a herd of elephant cows and calves had passed close to the camp, but even on a flying recce afterwards, we could not see them.  Friends in Dar and Arusha (Tina Sutton and Sara Ashby) managed to source the SMA Gold milk powder and he is now drinking this and is looking in better shape.  He is calm and hydrated and is constantly with Ombeni (our carpenter) who is his companion.  We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best and doing our best, although we simply don't know how this will go …link