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New orphaned elephant calf This calf was left behind when an elephant herd was chased off some crops. The message from camp is: [more]

Eliska has arrived safely Letter from Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express [more]

Letter to DHL employees re rhino (Eliska) translocation One of the things of which I am most proud is the support DHL has given to supporting animal conservation. [more]

Rhino translocation The upcoming rhino translocation of Eliska (booked for next week) is now fully arranged and DHL are doing an amazing job of organising their side of everything, including donating the flight, which is the most massive contribution. Dvur Kralove Zoo in Czech Republic and the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) are in constant communication, and the move is being filmed by Maverick. DHL are organising the social media and the hasktag #DHLRhino will be in evidence on Twitter. [link]


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Wild dogs

A pack of 16 wild dogs has been coming and going from Kisima Camp.   Another wild female has given birth to her pups close to the breeding compounds …link


The rhinos from Port Lympne have settled into their reintroduction area and are adapting well to life in the bush. Water sources for the resident rhinos have been expanded throughout the sanctuary …link

British High Commissioner's speech on arrival of the new rhinos


Hon Minister Ambassador Khamis Kagasheki, Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Hon Regional Commissioner, Hon Members of Parliament , Mr Damien Aspinall of The Aspinall Foundation, Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. …read more

The new rhinos have arrived!

Well, it was an amazing day.  DHL were absolutely fantastic and the whole operation was text-book. The aircraft touched down at Kilimanjaro at 0700: a 757 with a rhino painted on to the side.  The welcoming party was: …read more

Suzuki Rhino Club

Suzuki Rhino Club continue their incredible support of all aspects of the field work and have recently sent out fantastic workshop uniforms and boots for all our mechanics.  The team of mechanics now looks like a Formula One racing team.  Suzuki Rhino Club are also looking into the possibilities and practicalities of supporting a new vocational technical college in Gonja village on the borders of Mkomazi National Park. …link

The Queen's visit to Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo hosted Semu Pallangyo and Tony last month when Her Majesty The Queen visited the Zoo and we were all absolutely delighted when Semu was introduced to The Queen.  Semu and Tony also travelled to Port Lympne Wild Animal Park for a meeting on the upcoming translocation and for Semu to see the rhinos destined to travel to Mkomazi …link

Environmental Education Programme

The environmental education programme continues to be a wonderful day out for the Tanzanian students, and Chester Zoo have recently drafted and printed a brilliant Rafiki wa Faru Activity Book so that each student has something to take home at the end of their day in Mkomazi.  This Activity Book was planned with an enormous amount of thought and depth, based on the experiences of both the education department at Chester Zoo and the experiences of the Trust personnel here in Mkomazi …link

Wild dogs

Two of our alpha female wild dogs have given birth to litters of pups and we now have 52 wild dogs in the breeding compounds.  All except the alpha pairs will be reintroduced back into the wild. We have a pair of wild dogs living outside of the compounds and the female gave birth last night.  It is her first litter and we hope that the pups survive. …link